Our Writers

pen-and-paperThe Guild meets primarily as a critique group, averaging ten to twelve in attendance on any given week and we critique three presented scenes. Among our writers are:

CAROL DEMENT writes mainstream/multicultural fiction. Her first novel, Saving Nary, was a finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Saving Nary is available in print or Kindle editions through her website or at Amazon.com, or through your local bookseller. She is currently at work on her second novel, due in 2018.  Please visit Carol’s website for more information: www.caroldement.com   Carol is also a field editor and peer reveiwer forMeridians: A Journal of American Acupuncture, and has published in The American Acupuncturist.

CHRIS DAHL writes literary fiction.  Her poetry chapbook, Mrs. Dahl in the Season of Cub Scouts, won the national Women in Words competition, and her poems have been published in numerous magazines and journals such as Poetry Northwest, Seattle Review, and A Fine Madness. For twelve years, she has edited the monthly Olympia Poetry Network newsletter. Her University of Washington MA is in English/Creative Writing.

DANIEL RICE writes fantasy and science fiction. He has traveled globally with his camera and some of his photographs have been published in Black and White Magazine.

HAL DYGERT writes hard-boiled crime fiction. His poetry is published in Spoon River Poetry Review. He has worked as both a geologist and a lawyer, publishing in EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union and in Alienage, Immigration and Nationality, contributing to The Bedrock Geology of the Haddam Quadrangle, and co-editing a volume on evidence. Visit his website at HalDygert.com

KATHLEEN COLVIN s a historical novelist specializing in fictional biographies.  She  is completing her second novel about a strong woman from Ancient Rome. Kathleen believes that stories tell us who we are and who we can become.  Before turning to fiction, she wrote two books about regional history and architecture which were published by an academic press. Visit her website at kathleencolvin.com

LAURA SWAN writes contemporary fiction and historical fiction. She is the author of five non-fiction books. One — The Forgotten Desert Mothers: Lives, Sayings, and Stories of Early Christian Women — has been translated into many languages, including Chinese. Her most recent book is Wisdom of the Beguines: the Forgotten Story of a Medieval Women’s Movement, all available at your favorite independent bookseller.

MARY VANEK writes in the crime novel genre. She earned an M.F.A. from the University of Montana in Missoula where she worked with such writers as Bill Kittredge, Kent Nelson, and Robert Wrigley. She is published in Cimarron Review, Blue Mesa Review, American Literary Review, CutBank (where she served as fiction editor and co-editor), and The Bloomsbury Review. She has taught fiction workshops to undergraduate students and for HellGate Writers. Some of Mary’s students have published their own work.

PATRICIA MCCLURE writes mainstream, alternative, romance and light mystery. She co-authored the Oblate manual for Saint Martin’s Abbey. She is editor/publicist for Thurston County Child Care Association and editor, designer and contributor for the Benedictine Oblate newsletter for St. Martin’s Abbey.

SOLA SIENA  Born in the US, raised and educated in Italy, Sola Siena recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from a small community in the White Mountains of Arizona, a harsh and beautiful landscape on the southern edge of the Mogollon Rim.

A retired chef, she works currently as an optometrist and is Vice-President of White Mountain Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit rescue organization for displaced and orphaned animals, both wild and domestic. In 2012 she completed Stanford University’s competitive two-year novel program that honed her writing skills and laid a solid foundation for continued improvement of the quality of future works.

She is drawn to rich and textured stories that occupy the animal-human interface and explore the complexities of our relationships with each other and non-human creatures. Her first novel, Kentucky Blood, is such a tale and was chosen by bestselling author Tom Franklin as “Best of” the Novel workshop at Eckerd College in 2013. The first three chapters were published in their literary journal, Sabal. She is currently deep into the research and writing of her next novel titled: Men, Not Their Fathers.

SCOTT EARLE writes fantasy/alternative historical fiction. He has published in American Writers Supplement 2010, The Robert Frost Encyclopedia, and The Steinbeck Yearbook.

WILLIAM F. WALLES writes mainstream fiction. A survivor of thirty years of nonprofit leadership, he witnessed the terrible and dangerous life choices of individuals drained of resources, hope, and strength. His fiction focuses on the forces that drive people to savage each other: Pride, Power, and Money. His newest novel is All About The Money is available in paperback and as kindle through Amazon as well as your favorite independent bookseller.