Critique Group

Solitude WritingOur Critique Group consists of graduates of the Novice Class who are sustaining their writing careers by consistently planning, executing, and marketing their manuscripts. Skills improve through receiving the constructive feedback of others but even more so by giving critiques of others’ writing projects. We currently meet on Wednesdays, 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM at The Priory Spirituality Center.

The heart of our weekly sessions is the reading and critiquing of scenes by three presenters. We continue to build our skill level through analyzing a presented scene for dramatic sense (the three “C’s” of conflict, crises, and climax) and thus the internal structure necessary for successful novels, issues of credibility, author stance, characterization, and developing an ear for scintillating sentences. Effective and supportive critiquing is a skill we actively cultivate.

We continue to work on the skills and tools of the craft through teaching units. Updates on the business of publishing and/or Guild business may take a portion of the evening.