Prolific and talented author Elizabeth George states: “I’ve long believed that there
are two distinct but equally important halves to the writing process. One of these is related
to art; the other is related to craft. Obviously art cannot be taught. No one can give another
human being the soul of an artist, the sensibility of a writer, or the passion to put words on
paper that is the gift and the curse of those who fashion poetry and prose. pen-and-inkBut it’s ludicrous
to suggest and short-sighted to believe that the fundamentals of fiction can’t be taught.”
(Write Away)

People interested in becoming professional novelists must first master the craft of
writing fiction. Once that is done, the budding author strives to bring art to her work. The
craft of writing involves a mastery of planning and of executing the mechanics of
constructing fiction. The efficient way to master the craft is to study with an instructor. To
teach oneself how to write is extraordinarily difficult and seldom successful.

The Puget Sound Writers Guild offers a novice class which introduces the aspiring
writer to the basics of craft. The Guild continues to build craft through our critique group
and on-going education. We offer a few e-handouts, suggesting elements of craft that can be
mastered and applied to your writing project.