Lambirth Methods Class

writing classSkilled novelists make it appear that writing is easy. Not so. Accomplished novelists know that writing is a craft to be learned and mastered. Our class will teach you the techniques of internal structure necessary to planning and executing your stories. You will be presented with numerous approaches to plotting along with the means to evaluate your novel.

Those to move on to our Critique Group are people willing to work and rework their planning documents, and who have realistic time in their otherwise busy lives to dedicate to learning and maturing in their craft.

•    Are you an avid reader?

•    Would you describe yourself as someone who needs to write?

•    Does your life presently allow you time and space to learn the craft?

•    Do you receive and give critical feedback with some level of ease?

•    Do you have decent mastery of grammar, syntax and language?

The Lambirth Methods Class will give you a realistic understanding of the profession of writing salable novels with its demands and level of commitment. Most members of the class choose to join the Critique Group.